Work with Serena

Former Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel holds a press conference in Edmonton.

Media Outreach and PR

I’m passionate about creating moments, events, press releases, and press conferences to help connect you with newsmakers in this city and beyond.  I continue to build on an extensive network of contacts built over two decades in journalism.  Let’s work on a pitch together to empower your brand in the media and the public.


Video Production

I am an award winning journalist who can help you tell your story in a dynamic way so your brand gets noticed. My team is known in the community for capturing and creating moments in videos and promotional material to suit any event or campaign.  Stories matter, it’s what connects you to others and what makes you memorable.


Media Performance and Training

Getting in front of cameras and delivering eloquent and confident messages is an art. As an experienced, professional host and former anchor/reporter, I can help! Simple tips can help you be your best on TV, radio and beyond. Easy techniques can empower a message and lift any story. I have worked with C.E.O.s, political leaders, and entrepreneurs on polishing their storytelling abilities in front of an audience. There’s nothing better than a story that is engaging and memorable.


Social Media

Not sure how to build your profile? I can help you engage with your followers by extending your reach. I bring my storytelling method to make you stand out in a way that is memorable. The market is flooded with a lot of content and it’s even more essential to be interesting to stand out. The power of social media is far reaching and my team loves to connect with others through photographs, blogs and digital storytelling.

Don Iveson makes a bid for re-election as Edmonton's Mayor.

Events and Hosting

I’m an experienced emcee and public speaker both on and off camera. I have shared the stage at numerous events including symposiums, charity fundraisers and ceremonies, including an Order of Canada Recipient ceremony. I am an experienced speech writer and can help pull your special event together.